When you come home to yourself, everything is possible. 

Home to yourself...You can feel the energy in those words, right? I can too. This concept became particularly poignant when I became an End of Life Doula and started supporting people through their end of life transitions. I began to wonder, why aren't we really getting to know ourselves...while we're still alive?

Now, it's my mission now to guide folks like you - humans seeking to understand why it feels like something is missing, people wanting to truly suck the marrow out of life - to feel more alive and purposeful than ever before. 

 If you're reading this page right now, you've likely already guessed the key to this kind of life...It's daring to get really intimate with your full self; getting to know your whole soul and every inch of your being. 

(If you don't, then who will?!)

Join the Soul Alignment Immersion to eliminate regret and live a HELL YES life. 

In just 8 short weeks you will feel more connected to your heart, confident in your inner knowing and understand what sets your soul on fire. So that you can truly experience the breadth and depth of your life. 


The Soul Alignment Immersion clarifies your life through death work

The Soul Alignment Immersion is informed by the ways Death Doulas are trained to support folks at the end of their life (to center them back to themselves, find and remember meaning and more intimately connect them to their souls) ... but offers this liberating and grounding framework for those of us who are very much still living


Taking this course is an insurance policy against regret. 

Maybe you don't think you have time for an eight-week immersion into yourself. Or that when you get to know yourself, you'll find an unlikeable stranger. But don't worry! I can tell you from first-hand experience as both a Death Doula and lifelong soul-supporter, this program is deep, gentle and genuinely life-changing.

Actually, you don't have time to NOT take it. 


The Soul Alignment Immersion empowers you to.... 

Live Your Heart

If you're anything like me, you crave a life that's soulful, purposeful and authentic to who you are at your core. For people like us, "fine" is not satisfying. 

The Soul Alignment Immersion supports you in gently shifting from "fine" to EFF YES. 

Get Comfortable With Fear

While there's no way to eliminate fear (nor would we really want to), we CAN learn to comfortably exist with it AND use it to our advantage. 

What would be possible if you could see fear coming and say, "Welcome, my old friend. How will I use you today?"

Find Freedom In Yourself

Putting our own oxygen mask on first is the only way we can truly be at our best in all of our roles. I've never felt so free to GIVE as I do when I make decisions that support my own soul. And the same can be true for you. 

How good would that feel? To show up as fully, confidently, joyfully YOU as possible? 

Have An Exquisite Human Experience

When we know what sets our soul on fire, we can start living it. And when that happens, ALL our moments are set on fire. 

Can you imagine what living a soul-fire fueled life feels like? 

I've been where you are. 

I started my soul reconnection journey in 2010 when my marriage was falling apart. Since then, in addition to killing that marriage, I've killed some jobs, ended relationships, shed friendships and said no to a million other things that no longer serve.

When I REALLY got good at killing the things that no longer serve is when I became an End of Life Doula. Death Doulas are trained to help folks at the end of their lives find meaning, take care of their unfinished business, nurture their relationships and come home to themselves - so they can transition confidently, with as little regret as possible. 

From my time in the world of death and dying, I've never felt more freedom, more joy and more peace than I do now. I'm so grateful I found this work and I'm SO excited to share it now with folks like you - who are ready to LIVE more fully. 

Getting back home to your soul is an incredible gift. 

So what will you get when you join?

I'm glad you asked!



The Soul Alignment Immersion Course Includes: 


  • Eight weeks of guided practices, insights and exercises that help you get really clear on what's truly meaningful in your life. What sets your soul on fire. 


  • A blueprint for taking that soul fire forward so you can realize more fulfillment, more peace and more joy that you ever thought possible


  • Bonus, supportive, nurturing content like guided meditations, recommended reading lists, podcasts and resources


  • Three live Zoom calls with me and our Soul Alignment Immersion community.You are not alone!


  • A place to connect and share with others in the program. COMMUNITY!


Registration Ends 12/23!


Come home to yourself. 

Join Now for just $497!